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Fiorella is a visionary, futurist, speaker, innovative thought leader, consultant, and brand image strategist and architect. 

My goal as a brand image strategist and architect is to shift your brand into its fullest version of potential with a marked uniqueness, sharpness, creativeness, and clarity. 

I will show you how to leverage your message with the vastness of who you are and how to unlock the upgraded plane of vision to architect a brand infrastructure that is empowered and fueled by your purpose. 

Whether you are starting with a new dream, expanding your vision for your brand, or you have been feeling a revamp of your previous brand is over due, I will take you and your product to the next level of articulation, by reframing its image and language into a sharp tone that is unforgettable, poignant, moving, and significant.



Brand Identity & Image CONSULTING



These 3 one hour sessions are for the purpose of assessing, analyzing, identifying, articulating and unpacking the language and image of your brand, in order to establish a strong and cohesive brand.


We will  tackle the challenges hindering your upgraded expression, and articulate precise language that will establish your brand umbrella,

This infrastructure will enable brand cohesiveness and clarity. 

Once this is established you will be able to create a streamline of flow for your message, content and product, that is true to your storyline and narrative. 


This is a one hour session where we will intuitively dive into the potential of the substance of your vision and mine its full parameter and depth. We will begin to chart and explore its unparalleled influence as you cross over perceived barriers across different fields of culture and understanding, in order to establishing a unique order and context for launch and fruition.

Content Strategy Consultation

This one hour consultation are for the purpose of assessing your key strategy in the order tone, and style of your content, whether it is the every day content on social media platforms or developing campaigns to move your audience through cohesive flow of content, in order to move them into a greater place of engagement and turn your following into loyal and invested customers. 

Creative Energy

This one hour consultation is geared to help you focus your creativity, and develop a greater level of productivity. 

Unlocking divine language

This one hour consultation is focused on helping you unlock and  articulate fresh language that is congruent with where you want to go. In this session we will explore the kinetic framework of your unique language that is meant to call forth a greater level of destiny and breakthrough in your life. Language has the power to shift your mindsets, it has the power to articulate the upgrade and chart new realms of potential.

Custom Sessions

This one hour or 30 min consultation is focused on helping you unlock, process, and articulate your specific needs. This will vary from person to person. These sessions can serve the purpose of simply having me to assist you in your process in which ever way you need. *Note* these are not "prophecy" consultations. 




Fi's consulting  has uncapped my purpose allowing me to upgrade my brand identity and walk in the fullness of who God has called me to be. She's taken the facets of my purpose, spiritual design and from this foundation, I can release the roar of my brand identity.


I accessed one on one consulting where Fiorella connected me personally with intuition and wisdom. She intrinsically 'got me', thereby building a launch pad under me, as she deftly administered with understanding and hope. The 'why' and 'who' I am in essence of my being was honed and redefined along with practical skills and resource to carry my destiny. Highly recommend.

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